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About All States Tax

Over the years we have built a loyal client base and have over 35 years experience in all levels of personal income tax preparation. We specialize in small business/sole proprietor and rental property returns as well as bookkeeping, payroll, and employee W-2 and 1099MISC subcontractor filings. Owner Peg Maguire (an Enrolled Agent) and daughter Kelly (an Enrolled Agent) are members of the National Association of Tax Professionals, National Association of Enrolled Agents and are authorized electronic filers. We also prepare non-resident and part-year resident returns for all states.
All accountants, CPA’s and tax preparers are NOT the same.

Most work with their head buried in paperwork, eyes blood red from long hours at the computer and then scramble through the mess when you call or inquire about their tax services. Do you like being treated like an afterthought? Or do you appreciate being "talked down to" about all the confusing new tax laws? Maybe getting stuck with a ridiculously high tax bill makes you feel important each tax season!

Well, based on the regular middle income folks I talk to, you want a tax preparer that does NOT treat you like a number. You want an experienced tax professional to give you plain talking, easy-to-understand advice on how best to file your taxes (not some high priced CPA gobbly gook). You want your annual tax filing with the IRS to be as painless as possible. And of course, you do NOT want to send Uncle Sam any of your hard-earned money than necessary. Most middle income taxpayers pay more than what is legally required for no reason except they didn’t know any better. (You should NOT make this mistake this tax season!)

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